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Web Site Developments

Our internet projects include the development of a number of “Stage One” web sites for colleagues in the Arts, Training,Consultancy, Recruitment and Property sectors.

Our most recent developments include highly scalable, user manageable sites based on the latest open source Content Management Systems – Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. Whilst we have used Dreamweaver, CMS Made Simple and Front Page for earlier projects we believe that Open Source content managed solutions are the way forward. Why? – Because they provide unrivaled functionality and significant cost and time savings, both in set up and as sites inevitably evolve. More importantly they empower user to take control and develop their site more fully without the need to rely on the web developer to make simple additions and changes.

Stage One – what do we mean? Many individuals and organisations have a limited idea of what they want when they first decide to promote their business on-line. Our “Stage One” approach engages clients in an unfolding discussion and evolving development that allows the site to be developed in line with client’s evolving understanding. With that in mind – sites based on a solid CMS foundation can be expanded, revised, rearranged and visually rethemed with far less effort and cost than non CMS sites and by having full control client’s are not tied to a single web host either as they would be with “hosted 4 click” package deals.

Search Engines and Pay Per Click

Where required we can assist in setting up and submitting your site to major Search Engines and can assist in putting in place your Pay Per Click campaings.  Where needed our recent web projects have got name recognition in the top three slots on Google, one recent PPC compaign yielded a contract worth over £2500 based on a simple £40 adwords investment – so we are confident our methods work.

Packaged Solutions

We have also developed two “packaged” Internet / Intranet solutions designed to meet the needs and budgets of groups such as Boards, Trusts and Parent Councils where Committees require bot Internet and secure Intranet facilities. We are also piloting a new Schools website site using Joomla.

Communications, Publications, Design and Print Management

Aside our web developments, we have significant experience in communications, publications, design management and print production.

We have managed substantial print projects including the development of high impact public sector leisure publications, internal newsletters, informational publications.

Team members have led on thereview and major redesign of a Local Authority “newspaper” to better address audience needs and have managed the rebranding and visual identity of a major organisaiton to reflect changes arising from an organisation wide Culture Change programme.

So – whether your needs are small or large, do please feel free to contact us.



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