The Strategy Cafe is a Scottish based, consultancy that can assist you with your strategy, strategic change and communications issues and needs.

Communicate With is the heading under which we help clients with communications projects, web sites and publications projects.

The newer version of the site has been updated as below:

The Strategy Cafe

The Strategy Cafe

The Strategy Cafe helps individuals, groups and organisations to achieve their goals by offering support in the following areas.


  • We work with large groups to set agendas for improvement and change
  • We work with individuals and operational teams to support change
  • We work with management groups to develop proposals for and to implement change
  • We facilitate executive teams and boards to revisit, establish and set strategic direction
  • We have and can work with Multi-divisional and multi-company organisations to create and deliver high value, impactful executive education programmes delivered where needed by leading academics

Project Management

  • We work with Individuals and teams to develop their thinking and their processes
  • We work with management groups implement their change proposals
  • We work on large multi-stakeholder projects to ensure project success

Our Methodology

We need to understand you and your needs, to do this:

  • We enter into discussion to develop our understanding and to undertake initial issue analysis
  • We develop our proposal and work with you to clarify goals and to create an implementable plan
  • We work with the client team to sucessfully enact that plan

Our Processes

Much of our past work has involved gently educating managers and facilitating interventions using our own and others published methodologies. Our own developments include:

  • CaFE – The CaFE Process
  • CtE – Change through Engagement
  • These processes are unique to The Strategy Cafe.

We can also facilitate and engage key academics to support events and consultancy using:

  • Strategic Open Space
  • Strategy Journey
  • Scenario Thinking

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