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Packages for Boards, Trusts and Parent Councils

Following many years involvement with School Boards and Parent Councils, the Communicate With team developed two demonstration products designed to meet the needs of Boards, Committees and similar groups who need both Internet and secure Intranet facilities to support their activities.

The Communicate With “Parent Council” packages provide a powerful, low cost solution that can be implemented quickly and effectively, providing committee members with relevant access to add up to date content privately for committee consideration, once that material is approved it can be published aside other public facing regular and periodic reports.

As the system is set up on-line it can be accessed and maintained by any authorised person. The Parent Council package can be preconfigured with a core structure and base pages and initial committee content loaded so the site is ready to go within hours of the base information being made available and the hosting account set up.
The packages provide unrivaled functionality at a highly affordable cost and are a swift and effective means of establishing both a public facing Internet presence and a secured committee Intranet – an area where all the committees administration resource can be stored, shared and managed with a minimum of skill or fuss.

  • The demonstration of Communicate With for Parent Councils can be found here.
  • The demonstration of the “Lite” version of Communicate With for Parent Councils can be found here.

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